Healthy Red Smoothie Recipe



Health Benefits of Beet Roots:

– Source of Iron

– Immunity Booster

– Anti-cancer

– Contains magnesium, phosphorus and folic acid

– Conatins Vitamin A and C

– Prevents heart disease

– Cleanse the colon

– Blood purifier

– Strengthens liver and gall bladder

Health Benefits Of Carrots:

– Improves digestion

– Improves Kidney function

– Maintains a healthy heart

– Improves Liver Function

– Anti Cancer

– Rich in vitamin A and potassium

Health Benefits of Ginger :

– Improves digestion

– Reduce Menstural pain

– Lower bad cholestol levels

– Migrane relief

– Prevents cancer

Health Benefits Of Lemon :

– Balances pH

– Boost immune system

– Flush out toxins

– Promotes weight loss

– Purifies blood

– Prevents cancer

– Regulates blood pressure

– Rich source of Vitamin C


(Makes one tall glass)
– 1 small  beetroot, remove skin and cut to small chunks

– 2 medium carrots, skin peeled, cut to small chunks

– ½ inch piece of ginger, peeled

– 1 Lemon, peeled

Blend everything with a fruit juice extractor (not food blender) and serve immediately.